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A dynamic start to the new exhibition year with the 12th ‘Zootechnia’ International Trade Fair on Livestock and Poultry

837 direct and indirect exhibitors, 14,115 sq.m. of exhibition space and 309 international hosted buyers

The new exhibition year started in the best way possible for TIF-Helexpo, as the 12th ‘Zootechnia’ International Trade Fair on Livestock and Poultry will open.

The event, to be held from 2 to 5 February at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre, has attracted 837 exhibitors (307 direct exhibitors from 13 countries and 530 indirect exhibitors from38 countries). More specifically, there will be direct exhibitors from Egypt, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Greece, India, Spain, Israel, Italy, Cyprus, Poland, Romania, and Turkey. At the same time, the event will also welcome 309 international trade visitors from 7 countries, including individual hosted buyers, group visits from Albania, Bulgaria, and North Macedonia, and a business delegation from Egypt. Greek exhibitors from all over the country will be attending, while the exhibition will cover a total area of 14,115 sq.m. of indoor and outdoor facilities.

Zootechnia is the only specialised expo in the food producing animal sector in Greece and the Balkans, and one of the most important in the livestock and poultry sectors in Europe. All major domestic enterprises will be present at this year’s event, where

they will present the latest developments, innovations and technologies, as well as important food producing animal species, machinery, and services.

Participants also include, among others, the Ministry of Rural Development & Food, Product Control and Certification Organisations, the National Inter-Professional Meat Organisation, the National Association of Agricultural Cooperatives, the Hellenic Veterinary Association, the Panhellenic Union of Young Farmers, the Association of Manufacturers of Agricultural Machinery (EKAGEM), the Machinery Importers’ – Representatives’ Association (SEAM), the Hellenic Feed Industry Association, the National Inter-Professional Egg and Egg Product Organisation, International University Greece-Department of Agriculture, the Animal Product Laboratory of the School of Veterinary Medicine of AUTh, and the University of Thessaly.

There will also be a wealth of side events and tributes at this year’s Zootechnia. The Pet Festival and Horse Show have been renewed and enriched, while the 7th Pan-Hellenic Congress on Meat and Meat Products and the event on egg producing poultry farming and Greek eggs, which is being organised by the Animal Product Laboriatory of the School of Veterinary Medicine of AUTh, with the support of TIF-Helexpo, also stand out.

More specifically, the Pet Festival will be held in pavilions 5 and 6, where visitors will have the opportunity to attend the triple dog show organised by Canine Culture of Thessaloniki. Furthermore, there will be special sections with aquariums, terrariums, and birds, while in the ‘Knowledge Amphitheatre’ section visitors will learn about pet training, nutrition, and health. They can also attend a double cat show, which are rarely held in Thessaloniki. The exhibitions are being organised by Felis (the Hellenic Feline Federation).

The Horse Show in pavilion 17 is the major meeting for horse lovers and sector professionals from Greece and the broader Balkan region. Entities and private individuals with more than 50 horses from all over Greece will participate in a specially designed 20X50 area, where they will present equestrian skills, harness

racing, and various other events. At the same time, Riding Clubs from various parts of Greece will be participating in specially designed spaces around the show area.

The 12th Zootechnia will be opened by the Minister of Rural Development and Food, Mr Giorgos Georgantas, on Thursday 2 February at 19:00 at Hall A, ‘Nikolaos Germanos’ Congress Centre.

Today’s Press conference

The increased mobilisation of the livestock and poultry sectors in view of this year’s Zootechnia was mentioned during today’s Press conference on the opening of the expo by the President of TIF-Helexpo, Mr Tasos Tzikas, who stressed that we are starting 2023 with a very important event.

On his side, the president of SEAM, Mr Savvas Balouktsis, noted that selected members of the Association will be participating in this year’s Zootechnia. He stated he is optimistic regarding its success, especially given the upcoming Improvement Plan announcements.

EKAGEM is participating in Zootechnia with 27 member-businesses and 2500 sq.m., as was announced by its president, Mr Panagiotis Fotiadis, who also underlined the important timing of the Improvement Plans.

In turn, the CEO of TIF-Helexpo, Mr Kyriakos Pozrikidis, stressed that primary sector exhibitions are very important to the exhibition body, while he referred to Detrop-Oenos, Freskon, and Agrothessaly, which are coming up.

The close collaboration with TIF-Helexpo in holding another agricultural sector exhibition was mentioned by deputy mayor for the Environment of the municipality of Larissa, Mr Panagiotis Ntais. In fact, he stressed that the city and the municipality invested in TIF-Helexpo and they were proven right.

The transformation of the pavilions into something completely different, given the presence of the animals, was highlighted by the General Director of TIF-Helexpo, Mr Alexis Tsaxirlis. The project

manager of Zootechnia, Mr Vassilis Spyrou, stressed that this year’s event is presenting all modern global livestock and poultry technology, covering all sectors.

The opening hours of Zootechnia are weekdays and Sundays 10:00-19:00 and Saturdays 10:00-20:00.


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