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Visitors’ FAQs

Entry to the exhibition is free for interested professionals and trade visitors, upon registration in one of the following options:

  • Electronic pre-registration on the website of the exhibition.

  • Registration at the exhibition entrances with the indication of your business card.

Invitations can be obtained from the exhibitors participating in the exhibition.

Free parking spaces are ΝΟΤ available for visitors inside the Exhibition Center.

Yes it is allowed. However, every dog owner must:

  • ensure that his pet is accompanied during the entire stay in the exhibition area

  • keep his pet on a leash and at a short distance to avoid accidents

  • take care of the immediate cleaning of the environment from the animal’s impurities

Lockers with individual keys are available in the main entrances of the exhibition, which can temporarily store your personal belongings.

Underage are allowed to enter, as long as they are accompanied by adults.

Yes. All HELEXPO pavilions have ramps to serve people with mobility issues.


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