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Participation Info

Who can participate

In Zootechnia can apply as exhibitors, companies from the following categories:

  • Livestock and poultry machinery and equipment
  • Hay harvesting and handling
  • Loading and transporting machinery and equipment
  • Storage machinery and equipment
  • Standardization equipment
  • Products processing and packaging machinery equipment
  • Apiculture equipment and supplies
  • Agricultural constructions installation equipment and supplies
  • Refrigerators – freezing installations
  • Sanitation equipment and machinery, biological treatment machinery, sewage machinery
  • Laboratories
  • Veterinary and zootechnics equipment and instruments
  • Veterinary pharmaceuticals and hygiene products
  • Animal feeds and additives
  • Breeding livestock & poultry – genetic reproduction fluid
  • Pets
  • Services

Exhibitors Information Brochure

Free benefits to exhibitors

Participation Documents - Regulations

Price List
General and special conditions for participation
Personal data protection policy
Rules of Operation
Advertising Campaign
Technical Manual


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