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7th Panhellenic congress on meat and products thereof

3-5 February
“From stable to table”

The Meat News magazine in collaboration with HELEXPO organizes the 7th National three-day Panhellenic Congress on Meat and Products thereof, to promote contemporary means “from stable to table” in order to achieve an integrated approach to quality, hygiene and safety meat and its products, health and welfare, environmental protection and sustainable development.

The Congress will be held 3-5 February 2023 at the “Ioannis Vellidis” Congress Centre, Olympia Hall.

Meat News, as the organizer of the Conference, guarantees its success, supporting the work of the Scientific Committee formed under the tireless chairmanship of Professor Spyros Ramadanis.

The goal of the Conference is to give a platform to all scientists, institutions, Departments and Schools of Greek Universities to present the latest results of research and laboratory work.

The congress is under the auspices of Ministry of Rural Development and Food, the Hellenic Veterinary Medical Society and the Hellenic Veterinary Association.


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